Thousands of Words Later

Last night, I was simply loafing about when I decided to write out a scene for the novel. It started out innocent enough, butter the first time, in a long while, I wrote a scene that made me laugh on the spot, and I couldn’t wait to write more of it. It started with me being bored, and playing with my Notes app, how many things start.

It was simply me being silly, goofing off, and not remotely trying to be deep. I wanted to write and not feel constrained or fit in. The idea took off, and I ran with it. This scene needs a mad formatting, and clean-up, however the beauty is I was very happy with what I wrote, and want to continue to write this way.

This feel good moment comes after writing thousands of words, and feeling mostly like I got too heavy, and heady for my own good in my writing in order to make sure things had a place and structure. The moment I stopped giving a damn about structure, happy writing took place.  I’m praying I keep up this kind of thinking because I believe things will work out for the better this way.

This is not to say all that what I’ve written so far for the novel is bad. In fact a lot of it is still great, however, It has a different energy. Normally when I write, I sometimes can’t identify its strengths or weaknesses as I am in the middle of it. I try to hit the beats like a champ.

Hitting beats isn’t wrong. Sometimes I can’t get from point A to B without being technical in my writing. At least there are words on the paper.  When I have this breakthrough, like last night, it feels good, changes the flow of the story, and I need to go with the flow.

Happy creative endeavors.


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