Under the Influence

Influences can be good, as they inspire me to create. Sometimes, I think my influences get all mixed up, and that’s when I start having issues with my writing. I couldn’t figure out why my energy for my novel was waning like it was. Then I realized I was watching a lot of diverse material, and while many of them didn’t have to do with what I was writing, it did have an impact on my creative spirit. Thus I was thinking of new projects while working on the current. It made me very, very confused and conflicted. Needless to say the frustration truly irked me.

The different stories, videos, articles, etc has been good for me, as it does allow me time away from what I was writing as a massive project, and fed my brain new topics or simply engaging material from a new point of view. That’s a great thing in my book. At the time, I couldn’t recognize this shift in my attention until last night, when I’d gotten into some gaming guides, that had my complete attention and excitement. I’m like, “I can’t wait to try these games” (I’m looking at you, Battleborn, and Overwatch).

There’s a key way to make some adjustments, and I think it’s simple; I need to find influences for my novel, and review them, to get me back in shape for what I need to do. Also I need to find more influences to shape the novel.  Right now it’s very simple and straightforward, but I think I can do better. Oddly enough, I did a lot of journal writing yesterday, and ended up putting down some notes on where to go and what to look at.  Will keep it up. It will, hopefully get me back to where I want to be with regards to the novel, and creative writing.

I must say I’m surprised because I was ready to shut the novel down for a few weeks until I got my bearings. It looks like I have to do a lot work to keep it at the forefront, which isn’t a bad thing. Some things are worth the effort.

Happy creative endeavors.


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