An Early Post

Today I’m up and about earlier than usual. It’s not a bad thing. Stuff needs to get done, and since I’m awake, I can get it done. I am, however feeling a little tired and meh. I may need a cup of coffee soon, or later. So long as I get it, and am able to drink it in peace. That said there’s something wrong when you can’t sit back and relax while drinking a cup of coffee–at least for me.

That said, I did want to point out while I wasn’t making the progress with the novel I wanted, I still have been writing. I finished a draft of an essay for a film, and its a hot mess, and far too long. I need to let this cool off for a while. Glad I typed it, but need to rewatch the film to clarify my own points, and extra ideas.

I should have more to say, but until I wake up–at least if my mind does, then I can get myself together. I’m a mess without the necessary sleep, and it’s taken me too long to write a post that should have been done a while ago. I’m too hard on myself, and trying to adjust when my brain is like, “we don’t even get up at this time, but you dressed and trying to be articulate.”


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