This Day…

Didn’t do much today. Didn’t feel like I got enough sleep, and didn’t do a blog post at the time I normally do. I’ve been a little obsessed with some dialog I wrote for a different story, and while I have yet to format this material, I still think of it, and tinkered with it yesterday.

Today I worked on the novel–where I left off yesterday, which was five and a half pages. Pushed it to seven and a half pages, and didn’t feel like doing much afterwards. It’s odd. I feel like I haven’t made the story a bizarro title, or at the least I’m straying away from bizarre elements. I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing, and more than a little unsure I’ve done the material justice. I’m very frustrated at this moment, and I hope this will pass.

I should go look up some things I think influence the novel. It’s part action story, part science-fantasy comedy in my head. So maybe I need to distract myself with more of this genre.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to switch gears. Allow myself a real break from the novel, catch other stories up, and get things done that I put on hold. Why? I hate when my mind feels congested, and my creativity waxes and wanes. Also I need to be rid of this self-doubt eating at me. I have the sneaking suspicion the moment I say “I need to stop working on this novel,” and begin writing other projects, the novel will come back to me.

Creativity is weird, and I don’t think there’s a right way to create, so I best keep on trying things, and even randomly sneaking in a paragraph or two for the novel mainly because I want it to go places, besides in a file, and left to cool off for long periods of time.

Happy creative endeavors.

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