Overwatch: Fearful Symmetra

This is the game Overwatch. Yet another game on my “dream list.” It’ll have to wait,  Overwatch is an online first person shooter multi-player game with different classes of heroes to choose from. This is a hero who caught my eye.  It can be played on console or PC.

Symmetra is a support class hero. I love support classes in games. She doesn’t heal, but she grants shields, has a teleporter, and can place turrets that slow and do damage to the opposing team. If the player is clever enough in their placement of turrets and the teleporter, Symmetra can control choke points like nobody’s business. She can get a lot of kills with well-placed turrets. With her teleporter she can help her team arrive to critical points on the map in a short amount of time.

The common weakness with Symmetra is that she is queen at defense, but not so effective at offense. That’s been disputed by some very creative players who maximize their synnergy with their fellow players.

Enough of explaining.  Enjoy the vid.


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