Monday Has Just Begun

It’s a lovely Monday, which I don’t hate, but the sinus woes are still upon me. It looks like my meds are knocking the excess drainage out, because since I popped the meds, it was like Niagara Falls and my none, now it’s an occasional sniffle. I’m not mad at that. Scents are still raw as all get out with me, and that’s not a good thing. I prefer some stability and less discomfort. It’s making it difficult to get things done, and be focused. I hate that sensation, but I’m a make things work.

Creativity took a hard dive while I was suffering. Over the weekend, I lost and slowly regained my appetite, and settled on watching really bad B-films on Syfy, game videos, and police procedurals. Remember when the b-film was the transgressive film with the tighter budget, and the top tier film was the star studded affair? What? Too far back in film history? A little cinema studies trivia never hurt anyone, unless you’re allergic to history.  Back to my point, I was taking a hard dive.

Well, now that I’m up, I’d like to get back to the novel. Since I prefer to discuss results after the facts, I hope to have something to post tomorrow about progress. What I do know, and want to do is keep being hopeful. I will get stuff done even if I seem to be lacking on several days of progress. We all face setbacks of some sort. Besides, if I look at the silver lining; at least I gave myself a few days to “cool down” from my novel. Now I can start with fresh eyes. I still need to work with my typed page, then add the dialog I hand wrote for it on Friday.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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