This was one of those posts I started early, but got busy with other things,  so I had to let it be for the moment. What I wrote earlier was about how I had angst over not producing more material over the past few days. Those high and low outputs happen all the time, but the angst likes to hang about and cloud my vision.

Last night I wrote what amounted into a small amount of text before bedtime. Had no clue how to use it, decided to format it anyways, and then angst got all up in my world, and I feared writing. I got over that, wrote some, and now what was less than a page is now 5.25 pages. Not too shabby.

Initially, I was like this scene doesn’t even fit the story. I kept going anyways. Then I thought, what if this is the time my main character has to let someone know to get out of his life for good. That’s when the scene made sense, and I could work on it a lot better.

So the angst will come, throw shade, and make me feel like a loser, but I persevere, and get stuff done. I like how that worked out, and should remember to keep doing this in life. That doubt and worry hit hard though. I just tough it out. Gotta keep plugging away even if all I get is a piece of a page at night, cause the follow up was worth it. Worth it.

Happy creative endeavors.


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