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From Green to Red Peppers digital photo by S. Raynard Haynes

My peppers are turning red from green.  You may have seen my previous images of them on this blog. This means the peppers are good for plucking, and I did pluck them. Pretty red too. I’m gonna find out how spicy they are soon, when I use them in some chili. Yeah, I like to bring some heat, but not burn my mouth off. Those hotter than hot peppers usually remind you on the way out too, that they don’t play with heat. I digress…

It’s been slightly chaotic with the writing for a couple of days, and I found myself working on the look of this blog. For some reason there was no login link, and that bothered me. Of course, I could simply go to and log in, but it was nice to have a link on my page. Also I need to find a way to add links back on the side. When I did those links a while back, it was much, much easier. Not sure how I feel with them under the title.

Also I ended up deleting Facebook from my smartphone. It seems I couldn’t access articles to share, and the pop ups that work well on the computer don’t like the phones at all. My screen freezes and I just end up regretting any attempts to read the article. The last time I did get a pop up it said I had “won” something, and I couldn’t give a damn about that. Finally I was like, how much data does this thing eat? So I got rid of the app. Hadn’t put it back on since. May never add the app back to the phone. I’ll just have to access it via my tablet or laptop. Mind you. I love Facebook, but it isn’t for my phone anymore. It’s barely for my poor tablet.

As far as writing went, I did a little research for the novel, and some revisions yesterday. It wasn’t a bad thing. My writing groove just went south since I only did the minimum. It’ll come back soon, so no worries. Maybe I needed these days for other efforts. I get so mixed up sometimes and creativity seems to be far off center. This is not how I planned my writing schedule, however, it happened this way, so I might as well work with what I have.

Happy creative endeavors.



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