What About These Friends

Yesterday I was supposed to do some organization. I was also feeling pretty blah and meh. This seems to happen occasionally on weekends, and usually by the end of the day I feel less blah and meh. It seems frustrating, but I’m always happy when that mood leaves. It can stay gone as far as I’m concerned.

Didn’t get to organizing, but found myself inspired to write backgrounds for a couple of the allies to the main character. It’s pretty raw, and needs to be updated, and the full background info won’t be in the novel, but I wanted to know who these people a little better. I suppose a mini worksheet was done on the fly for them. I can refine this.

Part of me wants to take some of the guesswork on who they are as I write. I say this as I like that when they arrive, I could at least have a distinct voice and vision for them. By contrast I created some incidental characters whom I didn’t have any idea who they were until I wrote them. I like them, I think they need some work, but their personas are pretty much set.

Today I may do some more reference for these allies, or get organized. I want to see at least four chapters consolidated and tightened for the week, while still making progress. One step at a time, right?

Happy creative endeavors.


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