Sunday and the Rain 

Pepper plant, garden

Pepper photograph by S. Raynard Haynes

For the past few days I’ve been watering my mom’s flowers, as she was out of town. I felt like I didn’t give them enough water, and every day it seemed to rain, then the sun comes out and it’s hot and humid. I waited late to water the plants, but this morning it appeared to not be enough. Some of the plants looked wilted. Others looked well. I guess I wasn’t even-handed enough with the water. BTW I was warned not to water the plants midday, as the heat and water combo will cook the roots. Not what I want to do at all. 

Of course it rains hard today, so the plants are getting super soaked. Later when it calms down, I have to check the plants to miss sure the dishes aren’t overflowing with water, as that’s bad for the plants.  

Sometime today I have to look at what I’ve written and consolidate my writing material. I’d like to move from just writing to having at least the first three chapters locked down. 

Also, late last night, I went on to revise the dialog for some material. I was so sleepy. Still wrote, then off to sleepy town. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


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