Tuesday, or I Can’t Use This…Yet

Hello all. Yesterday I did more novel writing. It was a continuation for a scene I started on Sunday morning. The more I wrote, the more I doubted where this new scene or chapter belonged. I found myself working on another scene. Not where that fit either. I was more than a tad bit lost in what I wrote, and how it fit into the novel. So I thought maybe I should leave this part alone for a while, look at my outline, and follow those beats.

What I was sure I was doing was setting up a future beat by introducing a character sooner. I’ve done this before, however the difference was that one is in the outline. A major antagonist reacts to the main character and discusses him without the MC (main character) being in the room. It made sense, and the antagonist followed the scene by confronting the MC. This time I had a scene where an antagonist was setting the groundwork for his actions, but I can’t see it directly affecting the MC yet.

This had my frustrated, annoyed, and questing where I was going, and why inspiration kicked me off my outline. I wrote the outline so that I would know where to go, and how I was getting there. I did leave a lot of room for improvising, and nailing down details. I just felt like I was having a misstep. I know me, though. This is not a setback. This is me being a person, making, mistakes, learning from them, and getting back in the saddle again.

I don’t see this as a lost, although I was eight pages into this. I feel like it gave me a little room to explore an antagonist, and I can use this sometime in the future. The scene may never make it into the book, however, I know this antagonist a lot better than I expected to know him, so when its time for him to show up, via the outline, I have the groundwork laid out. So I found the silver lining to yesterday.

I did manage to write a two page history of some things in this book that happen purely in the background. It was a simple exercise to let me know some things. I also need to get a pen and paper for some names I want to use in the future.

That said, its back to the outline. Hopefully I will get some more things done, and be like “ahhhhh yeah.” I’m back on track.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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