This is Monday

Not feeling so much like I need to go back to bed. I’m awake, and trying to get stuff done. Don’t know what order that will take, but let’s get started. I have a latte to help improve my mood. Not really, they taste good, though.

Yesterday I wrote a poem, and I need to go back and edit it. I like it as is, but I want to read it aloud, and hear any changes I may make. I do that a lot with dialog. I typically read the exchanges back to myself, and that seems to get my mind on what sounds right, off, or simply wrong. Speaking of dialog, I need to write a scene where an antagonist appears, however, I haven’t figured out how to introduce them, or what conflict they have yet. Maybe if this character tries to turn a situation in their favor. I don’t know, but they can’t be in the scene if they don’t bring something to the table. I’ll figure it out.

My congestion went into overdrive today. I used a Netti pot to help clear my nasal path, and now I have drainage galore. The only thing that seems to help is drinking water to help thin this mess out. I can’t wait to take my allergy meds, which will help improve my situation.  Let me tell you, the drainage is gross, uncomfortable, and distracting. If I can get rid of this, I’d suffer this day, and keep things moving. I also need to clean my room, vacuum, and maybe crack the window to let some air in.



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