Yesterday I didn’t feel like writing for the novel, despite my previous desire to get with creativity. It was simply a day that I was a little thrown off. What I ended up doing was grabbing a piece of paper and writing down descriptions of characters, events, and moods within the story. So in that sense, I guess I did write, it simply wasn’t the usual cohesive material I put out.

Perhaps I needed a mental break along with having other duties to contend with. For example, I needed to work on a work-related blog post, that needed revisions, and it still hasn’t been posted yet. That will happen next week, but a chunk of that writing needed to be done. By time I was free, i was onto other projects. It happens, it wasn’t a bad thing in the least.

I continued with more descriptions today, which will help. It at least put the seed in my mind to think of the narrative tone I’m using. At the moment I’m, writing it in a direct manner, that some have found reasonable. I thought of being more loose and matter of fact.

For example, I typically describe characters straight forward: He wore a matching suit and tie, and kept his hands in a raised, steeple position. I made some slight changes, This fool was all about the tailored, coordinated color suit and tie, along with direct eye contact, and hands raised in the steeple position. It may get a few more passes with it, but I want to be less formal, and more casual. I thought of some other things, but that may come out better with dialog than in descriptions.

I need to eat now. I’m starving and laundry’s done.

As alway, happy creative endeavors.


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