It’s a cloudy day. The sun is subdued, but still out there. The temps feels nice, but I don’t want to stay outside too long. With my luck the humidity will sneak up on me, and pow, extra hawt.

Yesterday I got six new pages for the novel. I have some ideas on how to revise it, and the’ll happen sometime soon. I went back to the synopsis, and had five beats I wanted to hit. The first beat made it on the page, and I have ideas for at least two more that could fit into the current six pages. I’ll just keep writing, and we’ll see what happens.

I wrote in my print journal, in regards to having sympathy for my main character after writing him for a while. I didn’t feel so attached to him that I couldn’t still write bad events happening to him. It reminded me that when I wrote my TV script main character that it was from the standpoint that I liked him a whole lot. Perhaps too much. In that sense, it was difficult to write him in bad situations. He ALWAYS had to have a measure of control over outcomes in a way that made him difficult to write.

With that said, I find that my TV script has had sufficient cool-down time where I now realize if I want that story to work, I have to take away the main character’s control. If I do that, the character will have some bad times ahead. That sounds very masochistic, however, it makes for compelling stories as the emotions drive the stories, as opposed to me constantly starting over and over unable to push the character further.

Can you imagine the horror of suddenly not being in control of your life when you once had that confidence in how things work, and then realizing not only is control slipping away, but you have no idea how to stop this chaos from spreading and taking over your life? It could make for a compelling tale, and to see how the MC struggles to get his life in order.  Something to think about, and make a new worksheet for, which may add to that story. In the meantime, it’s back to the novel.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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