Wednesday Goodness

Switched allergy meds not too long ago, and it wasn’t quite as effective as the old one, so I went back to the old meds. Needless to say, a little havoc has come to my life, and these symptoms, and getting used to, then off, and used to the old one is quite a task. I want my sinus and allergies to be normal. My friend Keller reminded me to get a Netti pot, and she’s right. It will help get rid of some of that mess.

Wrote a lot yesterday, and turned my five pages into nine, so I am pleased. So chapter one has a first draft. It needs to cool off, and I’m gonna start the next chapter on the novel. Did a page count, and so far I have sixty-nine pages. I’m so happy for that, as it’s progress. So I must keep plugging away so that I can get my first hundred pages.

Yesterday I also looked at the pages I had so far, and consolidated chapters. ¬†Instead of so meany small ones (I counted around eleven, originally), I have eight. This feels like a step in the correct direction. They still aren’t large chapters with the exception of a couple passing the ten page mark, but these are rough drafts. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

I need to start the a new chapter today. This will keep me moving forward, while I have ideas for my previous chapters. May take some notes down for those, and keep moving. I hope to look over what I have with fresh eyes a little later this week or next. I need that “away” time to get myself creative.

Happy creative endeavors.


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