Tales of Tuesdays

It’s hot outside, or as I say, “hawt.” Gotta loathe Carolina’s heat and humidity trying to kick people in the face, neck, chest, and back like this is a kung-fu flick. That tat-tat-tat-tat from the sun is no joke.

Friday I did a lot of revisions on what material I wrote for the novel, and this was a boon. I previously marked these pages with notes, slashes, and updates I wanted to follow through with when the time permitted. Friday allowed me a look at what I wrote, and assess it a little better. The cool down/divorce from the material felt fresher, so I went with that and expanded on those thoughts as needed. I’m going to have to do a new page count soon.

On Sunday, I wrote what I thought was a very out of place chapter for my novel, yet I kept working on it via my Notes app. The more I wrote on this scene, the more I saw the shape of this chapter. This is the first chapter.

Yesterday I formatted the new chapter, and it was three pages. After formatting, I kept working on it until it was five. It seems like the start of chapter one in a great way. I knew something was missing, or incomplete about the material. The more I worked, the more clear it became that this section needed to be done. So I’m happy with that, but its not done in the least.

These new five pages still have a raw, unfinished aspect to it to it as a whole, so I think it needs more work to clarify aspects, and have an ending to the chapter that I’m satisfied with reading. For me, it’s a positive start, but needs a lot of work before it resembles a full first draft chapter in my eyes.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last Friday I spent time organizing the chapters and renaming files so they can at least look like I know what organization is, and can do for my project. I need to update the organization, as I have nine chapters. They are very short chapters, and give me staccato-like impressions that flow from scene to scene. I’m gonna guess, this may be a novella. This guess could be 100% wrong, but it’s an impression.  Let’s see after I’m done with the first  and second acts.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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