Morning Would…Be Like

Morning Would…Be Like

by S. Raynard Haynes

Morning Would…be like,
Tiring, as it can be.
Not enough sleep to feast on
Not enough miles traveled
Always near the damn finish line,
But never crossing that point.

Eyes heavy like the mind’s heavy
World is too damn crazy,
And my retreat has retreated from me
Launched me from surreal visions
Of having a bone-shaped skull,
To falling from the sky like Icarus
Cause I was too close to a freezing sun
And crashing into my Mom’s car
And getting chewed out by her friends

Morning would…be like
I’m confused, lost, tired, and what the hell.
My brain is drained, and fragments break off
And I can only go to the bathroom
To get my day started,
But the world and a universe
Passed me by in the night
And no one cares but I.


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