Washed out Before Wednesday

Today I am a slow mess, and may need a cup of coffee to get me going. Couldn’t get up on time, couldn’t focus. Felt like all I wanted to do is sit and space out. That’s not the way to start the day.

By washed out I mean I got caught out in the rain. The umbrella did good and kept my top half dry, but Mr. Pants got soaked. I looked like a wet mess. Also I wore shoes that soaked up water, and then my socks soaked up the water. Mild discomfort for me, until I took the socks off, and unfortunately the shoes make my feet sweat.  Meh, and darn.

Writing took an odd turn where I was inspired to write, but not for the novel. I had this scene that begged to have a voice. It’s more of a fantasy/political intrigue tale, that has some real sharp edges I like. I wrote it down in my Notes app, and thought I’d catch it later. I found myself writing more for one of the other characters from that scene. This was two handwritten pages in my journal. So here I was with story I liked, but have to either put it aside, or get stuff done I need to (the novel).

For the record, I do feel this moment would fit into the fantasy-drama TV script I worked on months ago. It would add a new layer to the series that I feel could strengthen it. Furthermore I can place the seen as a reaction to something that does happen within the series. It makes me think of the first scene I wrote for it, which was an inspiration scene. I need to build on that political intrigue, and see where that goes.

So either I write more of something, but I want the novel to get some more mileage, so I hope today I get a little boost in progress. I’ll settle for the two page minimum.

Happy creative endeavors.


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