Five More Pages


Flower Photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Fortunately,the scene in my head I jotted in my Notes app, got  me inspired to flesh it out more. So it looks a lot more like it belongs in this story. It is a scene a little future from where I am, so it skips ahead, which is fine. It means more pages and I have to fill that gap between them. 

Never mind I can “hear” the follow up scene to this scene.  I say “hear” because I sometimes hear a character’s voice before I see the scene.  Sometimes the scene comes first as a visual. It happens, and I go with that moment.  

At the moment, trying to get myself together, and my allergies feel now is the time to mess with me, but they can’t stop me. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


One thought on “Five More Pages

  1. Keep at it my dear, I just finished my very first draft last week and i can tell you, There is no better feeling than putting the last full stop to the last chapter. Immensely gratifying.

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