Rose photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Yesterday I barely wrote until the mood hit me for a new scene.  Then went on to revise said scene. It’s still too rough and raw, and lacks true formation. Still it’s words on the page, and that makes me happy. It is true, I could have done more writing. I allowed myself to slack off in the writing department, but that wasn’t my only activity for the day.

Other than writing, I watched movies, TV shows, and gaming as well. So I had a full day. I didn’t do the revisions like I could have,  but still managed to write.  Game of Thrones was great last night.  No spoilers if you haven’t seen it. I simply enjoyed myself, then felt a little disturbed. I appreciate when a show can take me through emotions and tension.  I was all kinds of hot mess.

Right now, I’m trying to chill. I hope this helps me have a better day, and be a better person to others and myself. It sounds lofty, but possible.

Happy creative endeavors.


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