Sunday In the Summer

Rose photo, garden

Rosebud photo by S. Raynard Haynes

It’s warm outside, but I didn’t stay out there too long. I was putting stuff in the recycling bin. It felt nice. Lie the calm before the roasting heat shows up, and going outside feels like a harsh labor to contend with as opposed to enjoying nature.  Such is southeast weather. 

Found myself writing late last night. A scene that is part silly, and part conflict. I enjoyed writing it down in my Notes app, which means sometime today I must sit and get it to my Word file, and format it properly. 

No rewrites got done, and I pretty much goofed off for a while, but I feel we all need time to not be constructive. At the very least it gives our minds a rest. 

Failed to drink water…or least least a glass full. Just a few sips here and there. I did have soda and coffee, but I need my water. So I will try this again today, with more water, less other drinks so I can have better balance in my water needs.  

Hope to pick up more writing today. If it’s new scenes as opposed to revisions, that’s fine. I want more stuff done. The page count should be up, but won’t know how far until I get formatting done. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


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