Make With The Progress

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Bloom. Photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Took a few shots of the hibiscus plant. The blooms pop up quick, then wither away. They’re very pretty to behold.

Yesterday I mainly pulled out the pen and edited pages. Not too much written that was new. That’s fine. There will be days where things will feel or seem calm and cool. Then there will be days when I feel a deeper connection to the story for new pages.

Today is up in the air. If there are no heavy errands, I’d at least love to type the revisions so the files reflect what I saw that needed clarification.

Other than that, I wrote a scene a few days ago I think will transition into what I wrote previously. So now I need to edit to meld them properly.  This may or may not yield new scenes/pages. I don’t know yet.

Need to show some love to my print journal. A paragraph or two will do for today. I tend to leave it be on weekends, but now may be a good time to add something.

Happy creative endeavors. 


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