Early Bird

Was up earlier than normal, so I am going with the flow of things, which is not bad. Tried to eat a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, but lacked an appetite. Did have early morning coffee, which was not too bad, and nibbling on a hash brown so some tummy food is good.

Yesterday I revised pages, and eliminated passages that didn’t fit, however I ended up with the same page count. That’s not bad, but before bedtime (again), I found myself writing new lines of dialogue for the main character. I went for a more distinct voice, which I felt reflected a stronger personality. It means the reactions will be different. This leads, of course, to more revisions, but I think this is worth it to have a consistent voice through the novel.

Beforehand the character was a bit more chill, and sometimes too chill, so that conflict didn’t really flow well from scene to scene. I’m guessing that my constant writing has allowed the character to develop more and more on my brain, thus becoming who he is at this moment. The lines kept flowing to a point that I worried I wouldn’t go to sleep, and get up on time. It turns out I’m up early, and wrote some more.

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a hot day.

Happy creative endeavors.


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