A Little Lag Time

There was a dreadful surprise waiting for me on yesterday. I felt a powerful lag, and my energy sapped. It lasted up to today, as it took me forever to get together when it normally takes a little amount of time to be aware. I likely need a latte, and to eat a few more meals in the course of a day. I certainly intend to do more writing.

Creativity went from a high point to a low, but it still trucked on. I wrote the start of a scene and only got two pages worth of material. First, let me say that’s not bad at all, since two is my minimum. Later, right before bed, I was inspired to scribble material in my Notes app, so I have some unofficial add-ons I’d like to get on top of sometime today. I needed a quiet, serene scene that gave insight, and dipped off, so perhaps all it needs is two pages. The pages still need revisions so may expand a little. Not worried. I was happy that I did write.

This lag has affected my ability to write, so I best get on top of this. Can’t have that going on.

Happy creative endeavors.



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