Keep Working

Did more revisions on the printed page, and updated some of it. It still needs to be compiled, but the thing was to get things down. Later that night, I wrote what I thought were good and simple descriptions of areas. I know it will reduce my word count, but that’s fine. I can always add more. For the moment, the writing is having a “cool down” period so I hope to start up later, or when inspiration hits me.

On a side note, I joked with a friend on how much I love to torture my main character(s). It’s true, there’s some suffering going on, but they typically have to overcome their struggles.  I haven’t done a noir/crime type character, but I’m guessing if I keep torturing characters, one day, one of my stories will have a bleak ending. For the moment I’m not looking for bleak, it’s a tale of triumph over adversity, which is a repeating theme I like. Being swallowed by adversity would be a whole different theme, and kind of scary.

I have some other things to get done, so I gotta go. Just wanted to put the blog post down, and dip off into some library adventures.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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