Word Count Faux Pas

Hello all. It’s hot and humid outside, and I love being inside away from the heat, which thinks it has to beat the stuffing outta everyone. Today I found I was making errors in my word count. I clearly have the wrong or outdated formula for page counts. When I exported my files from Scrivener to Word, I discovered I might have been wrong. For the record, as of today, I have fourteen pages written, and worked on. I am pleased to make progress. For the moment, I think this chapter is close enough to first draft. The last three or four pages I need to review and make sure they are clear and give me details. Then I’ll go onto a second sample chapter for my pitch.

Other than the novel, I’ve been incredibly slow and tired until this coffee hit my system. Suddenly I’m awake. I could also use some food. I need a meal, as my energy seems to be low and I want to sleep. I hope to work myself to either a couple more pages of revisions, or starting the next sample chapter today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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