Tuesday Looks Promising

Yesterday, in my print journal, I tried writing in all cursive. I hadn’t done that in years (since high school when it was required). It was fun to try, but it was sloppy, messy, but I still had the skills. Normally, I use a mix of print and some cursive, and it works for me. I write in quick, bursts way that gets ideas down. Cursive was very slow, and it took more energy than I anticipated. It was good to play with words and print though. I’m reminded why I likely didn’t care for typography too much. No patience at all for words, which is odd for a drawing artist. Type can be art. I should think of that as a drawing project one day.

Yesterday I wrote some dialog with scenes for the novel. It got to four pages. I was happy for it. Meant to add this file to the main chapter file, but didn’t. I need to make time for this, because it’s important to consolidate and revise the material, as opposed to having a loose set of files together. Also I know consolidating will at least help me with more revisions. I can say, at this point chapter one has twelve written pages. I know the first part of the story will get revised.

So I’m happy. A good start, and I hope to do more. For the pitch I’m doing, I need three sample chapters, so getting one chapter onto file  is only the start. I’m tempted to start another chapter just to have it underway. The original sample I did for the second chapter was small, but I liked what I wrote so it will get incorporated into the newer chapter. I’m glad I did a synopsis and outline, as it helped me out tremendously with the direction of the story. You can best believe I’ll be doing a synopsis/outline for all future projects.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I didn’t forget my TV script. I even started a worksheet to develop it further. I love what I wrote, but I struggled with the direction a little too much. At the very least, doing other projects has help me “divorce” from it enough to be willing to cut out scenes and revise without feeling I’m losing something important.


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