A Bargain

Sometimes to get a project done, I have to make a bargain with myself. For example, I’m supposed to be helping with a script for a friend, so I’m telling myself, if you get two pages done on Saturday that’ll be a start, then two more on Sunday will be even better. It’s not a lot of pages for a weekend, but it’s going to push me in the proper direction.  So two and two for the weekend.

Yesterday consisted of me revising the worksheet for my sibling rivalry story. I’ve been inspired to add ideas, and take some away. Even now there are a couple of ideas percolating that I stopped to put to paper. I keep coming up with ideas, so a week of attention to ideas for a singular story really isn’t a bad thing. I also found myself looking up articles on certain themes such as entitlement, privilege, and how to combat the feelings of entitlements.

I need to start a bargain with the novel as well. I want four pages of story this weekend, which by all rights should be started today, so make that five pages of story between now and tomorrow night.

I am nervous that all these projects will have my creativity divided in so many ways, but one word at a time will do. So this moment challenge is to write a paragraph or three for projects.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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