41 Scenes

The synopsis is done, and It looks like a winner, so what I needed to do is get myself in gear to create a viable outline. Let me start by saying that I needed to see how many scenes there was, then that would let me know how many chapters to expect. So I wrote one by hand, and I was like, lets move on this, and get it typed. That hit several false starts, then a good start with me writing and typing like a happy writer. Then it dawned on me, why don’t I take the lines from the synopsis, and use them as the outline. So I did that. Now I have forty-one scenes. Is that forty one chapters, or will some of those merge? Maybe this outline needs a little more time to marinate.

Regardless, I was trying to create a viable average of chapter lengths. Not all scenes need to reach the length, but maybe it would give me an idea of what to expect. That number is ten. Ten pages per chapter makes four hundred ten pages! I’m freaking out a little. I am totally shocked, elated, and excited that I could put such effort into a single work. Again, I don’t think each scene would be ten pages, but still, that’s a lot of pages broken down into simpler zones/territory. It is manageable.

So, I must go back to my outline, add, subtract, or revise anything I need to in regards to tightening up the story, and write. To be honest, an assignment I had was to write three sample chapters of this novel. I misunderstood the project at first, but got it underway as needed to. So If I could write three to four chapters over a week, then maybe I could get this done. That’s thirty pages a week.  If I make the start date 6/10/16 (Friday) I should have  a minimum of sixty pages by the end of the month. Here’s to me sitting down and getting the required writing done. I wanna see progress.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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