Low Writing Weekend

I didn’t do much writing this weekend, but I feel that it was a good week. Filled my day with movies, TV shows, and some video games which wasn’t too bad. This did give me a nice cool down period, but it also allowed me to get some stories into my routine. So low writing, but good stories. I needed to get a novel in there, but I got enough.

Robocop (the remake), The Martian, and Kingsmen held my attention as far as movies went this weekend. They were  very entertaining. Interestingly enough Samuel L. Jackson was in two of those films. It was a pleasant coincidence. The man stays busy with roles. I liked all the films, however I love an action film, so Robocop and Kingsman really caught my eye more. I need to rewatch The Martian because at some point I was distracted by house events.

I’ve been watching videos on the game, Battleborn as well. I am obsessed with this game, even though I *don’t* own a PS4. I want to play it just the same. I can dream at the moment. I can’t remember what i read, which was likely articles that didn’t resonate with me that well. Such is life.

Now that I do feel I need to write, I best start my day with a blog post, so here I am, writing this post, and hoping it’s the start of an excellent writing day. If not, then I keep trying. Why give up on a good thing?

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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