Sibling Rivalry

Yesterday, I worked on a character for a different project which is based on the theme of sibling rivalry. I wrote out what I thought the main character was all about, and later that night, I was inspired to rewrite his brother–the rival. Then the info cooled off. The theme resonated with me more as I thought of it overnight. Being a sibling, the characters felt real to me.

With these characters, I desired to write in the science fantasy genre, and I still will. I realized that the plot of this story, has a lot more to do with the siblings, and not the conventions of the genre. The desires and/or fears of the characters are shaped by their own needs. For a long while, shaping a story by the genre helped me write it. The genre dictated the situation. Now, I’ve created characters that have personal stakes.

I will need to edit the worksheet, which means typing out what I have, and forming a strong outline. I haven’t figured out the medium yet, but it would be a fun screenplay. It would be something to alternate between completing the novel, and other projects I need to hop on.

Happy creative endeavors.



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