Like having a slow, or distracted day makes one a slacker. First, it has been a busy day with me solving issues that really needed attention. That meant I did less writing than I wanted to. Last night, I managed to get down a line that describe the tone of my novel in one sentence. Woke up today with some other ideas about revising the line, but the first stands out in a pleasant way to me. Not trying to overthink a sentence, but having more than one example works for me as well.

Today, the main character for my “sibling rivalry” story became clearer to me, on my way to get something to eat. Fortunately, I have my Notes app ready to type a few lines, watching where I walk, of course. Nothing looks sillier than me walking down the sidewalk with my head buried in my phone. I stopped, wrote it out, made a few adjustments after thinking about what I wrote, and moved on. Not too shabby.

I am glad to get a blog post written. Normally, I find time during the day., however, like I said, I was thrown off, and only now do I have the time to get something posted. I’m happy for this moment. I feel like I can relax a little.

Happy creative endeavors.


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