June 1, 2016

Having a print journal has changed them game a little for me. If not posting here, I’m scribbling progress in my journal, and putting doodles on random pages. It’s a good thing, as it can only add to the amount of creative non-fiction I’m working on. Also I like to keep myself writing, so the pro has more perks than my overpriced coffee today.

Yesterday had me writing out loglines for all of my pre-outlines (AKA the worksheets). For those not in the know, the logline simply tells what to expect from the story. Ex: retired hitman seeks revenge on Sparky, the Chihuahua that nipped his ankle out of pure spite (believe it or not, I could totally write this story).

In the process of developing loglines for my worksheets, I gravitated towards the a concept I wrote about sibling rivalry. I even dreamed about it last night, which means I have to add those ideas to the worksheet I started for it. I’m happy to have ideas come to me, and need to stay on top of that. I love when inspiration hits.

Speaking of inspiration, another plus I got last night was my instructor from the workshop offered me some feedback on my pitch for my novel. I made some minor grammatical mistakes- I’ve cleaned those up. I need to write a sentence or two on the tone of the series. I don’t want to overthink this sentence (“tone sentence,” for lack of a better term). This is like when you read high concepts. Ex: The novel’s like Jurassic World meets Predator.

I still have work to do, but I thought accurately, I could make the time for a blog post, and now I’ve made my wish come true today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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