Tuesday’s Throwing Me Off

Normally, Tuesday would be fine, however, I’m looking at today and I keep thinking its Monday. So I’m set for Monday’s schedule, but then I get a wake up call in the form of my workday, and I’m like, nope, get it together. The funny thing is I want more time off.  At this point, if I did have more free time, I’d loaf about. So likely no writing would get done. Fortunately, the rain has subsided, and it was a bit of a mess earlier this weekend, and even yesterday afternoon. I was outside, so it was like taking an icy shower with your clothes on. Not my cup of tea.

Last night I had an idea, and put it in my Notes app. I’m glad I wrote the idea down. Really put the focus on the character, more than the situation and genre (weird sci-fi), and jotted down notes for other characters. It’s based on sibling rivalry, and I hope to see more work done on this today. Perhaps I can type something up in my free time. I have hope to see updates, and a worksheet completed on this latest idea.

Today I feel hungry, and should invest in breakfast. It means getting up earlier, and taking some time to enjoy my meal, so we need to see. I also want to make sure I wake up at a decent time, so I may need to go to bed far earlier, or at least be aware of when I I do go to bed, and wake. I don’t like to feel rushed in the morning, as it means I make a lot of missteps, and that’s not good for me.

I like that I am writing down more ideas on paper. While I love them on file, part of writing for me is looking at handwritten material, my corrections, and the different ink colors I may use. I start with black or blue, and place edits in red. Sometimes a paper may have black, blue, and red on them. That’s the limit to my writing color pallet of late. I think having a print journal has reinforced this in my, as the journal uses all three colors.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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