The Weekend Cool Down

For the weekend, I wasn’t creative. I did far more relaxing that I anticipated, and was happy to do so. It was a moment to reflect on how to chill and allow all the ideas I put to paper marinate. I’ve sort of forgotten what I wrote over last week, which is a good thing. Let me explain.

At this point, I should be able to look at the questions from my story worksheet, and the previous responses I made to them, and be like, “Is that really what this character is dong in this situation?” I may have a different point of view, or feel stronger towards what I wrote. The thing about initial drafts is that they are a start, and they will be revised.

For example, I know one of the characters I wrote is sexist, cut off from his emotions, and a possible homophobe. The worst situation for him–in this story is to be around a character who happens to be gay, has an unbreakable stride, and in touch with his feelings.

Since emotions drive a story, most of the adventures comes from the main character’s actions and reactions. For me, that’s just the start of the MC’s malcontent, which is why I need time away from it. I do know, I want the characters to drive the story, so a little more thought, and other characters won’t hurt.

So that’s my long weekend. I hope y’all had a nice weekend as well.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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