Don’t Say What’cha Gonna Do

Several years ago, when I used to ride the city bus, there was a day when I got on, an older man, and a younger white man got on the bus. The older man saw the young man and immediately went on about how “he hates white people,” and “he ought to get up and slap a white person.” The young man’s ignored this guy, who was being an idiot. This one way verbal hate fest on for a while, until another rider effectively told him to shut up, and he did shut up.  You could say he was stupid shamed.

I told my family about the incident, and the one thing that stuck from that conversation was, “If that man was going to do something, he would have done something, and not gab so much.” They had a point.

Fast forward to a few months from now, and someone came by and complained profusely about what they were going to say to someone else who had worked their nerves. They went into great detail, and the only reason I know was that I was within earshot of the conversation. I dismissed it, and went about my business. A few days ago, went into a restaurant saw the same person telling the same type of story about what they wanted to do. I got my food and kept it moving.

Now these situations were indeed, awful aspects of traits, but I thought about how this trait is reflected in myself.  I remind myself of what I sometimes do when I plan projects. I say I’ll do them, or go into details, but don’t always commit. This is what’s been behind my idea to talk less about what I plan to do, and more about what’s already been done. That’s not to say I can’t share goals or aspirations, but once I say, I want to write the alphabet rap, I should follow that by having a first draft of it, no? Even if I abandon the project, I have a file, or written page of this to reclaim, review, and revise.

So I try my darnedest not to say what I’m going to do, in regards of my personal goals, but go do them. I like when stuff is in my head, but I like it better when I get them on paper, and resolve them.


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