Progress and Laughter

Of course, the moment I send off the pitch for someone to see and offer feedback, I would get other ideas for the main character. I’m going to write that down, and let it serve as an alternative, as it does change several fundamentals of the story. It made me laugh that this idea pinged into my head this morning. It’s part of the creative process, I guess. Still learning stuff.

For those not in the know, a pitch simply tells what happens in a story. It can be written for any type of story, in any medium. It serves as a synopsis, or an outline. Yesterday I really needed to not think of this specific pitch, as creatively it dominated most things I did. I needed a way to divorce myself from the project so I could have a certain amount of freedom from it.

So my solution was to develop other pitches. It was supposed to be a simple exercise. I made a worksheet with eight questions, would take a concept from my journal, and expand on it based on the questions. By time I was done, I completed five of the worksheets. All the answers were handwritten, which means I’ll go back and type them, and develop the ideas further.

What the exercise made me do is think of the character for the new concept, and how they resolve their situations. It obviously did help me divorce from the first pitch, as new ideas came my way today. This is a good thing. The TV script (which I topped working on), could use the “worksheet” treatment as well, so I hope to make the time to complete that today. My mind should be far away from that project to allow me to make alterations without feeling too attached to characters and scenes.

I have another project–a collaboration–that I’d like to get a jump on soon. I feel clear headed enough to want to do other things. Maybe that’s the solution to clearing my mind; do worksheets on other stories.

BTW, the questions for my worksheet came from the book, The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




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