What I Did Is…

Yesterday had me looking over my pitch and doing more revisions. It’s time to let this thing go for a while. Perhaps do something else. My mind is like relax and forget it for a shot while. I still have ideas to get across, and have been thinking of ways to translate it into prose, however, I got ahead of myself. I have and had to be able to tell what happens in in this novel in a straightforward approach.

Late last night, I had the idea for another story, which is kind of off the rails, and that’s fine with me, and perhaps I can take a few mins to write it down, as opposed to it growing in my head, and that should get my gears in motion. It’s all relative. I need to keep on plugging away, and perhaps “forgetting” project after project, until I see them with fresh eyes, that will more than dare to mark out sections of paragraphs to make way for what’s good, and important for an editor to see.

Learning lessons in writing never ends, it seems. The more involved I get, the more I have to learn about what works, and what doesn’t. Then I learn and do a lot more to make a better story. On top of that I’ve learned to take my ego out of things (a repeated lesson, by the way). If anything, writing a pitch, then revising it has offered me insight into my own methods and thoughts. My screenwriting professor’s comments make sense when he said that if you solve things within the outline, then you won’t get stuck later.  It’s applicable to all forms of fiction writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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