This Sunday

Decided to get on top of this post before the day slips away from me. Sunday is the day I need to relax my nerves, do something creative, and press onward. Felt too drained this morning. Need to get a start on dinner. Didn’t feel like it, but now I do. Hanging up my clothes, and making my bed may have spurred my active side.

Yesterday was a writing cool-off day. The day before, Friday, I did more revisions on this novella pitch, and I started a sample scene for it. Worked on the sample scene this morning, which makes me realize that when I’m mopey, odds are I need to write, and lift my spirits.

The pitch, which is limited to two pages, looked good, with some editing I did on Friday, and some last minute hand corrections I’ve yet to add to the file. I hope to get back onto this today. The ultimate goal with the pitch is to tell what happens in the novella in a straightforward manner so the editor gets the bare bones of the series.

Some of my actions have been to take out things that went into great detail when all I needed to say is, “a fight ensues, and the hero wins.” Usually I’m good at this, but I’m a bit divided in time and thought. Also learned to pull back a lot. There’s always room to learn new things.

Yesterday, I did watch a few movies, which allowed me to escape a little. That felt empowering. I also ran errands, and found myself a little drained before I got myself a meal. That happens, and I wish I didn’t go too long without eating something.

Happy creative endeavors.


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