Work It Out

The weather looks dreadful, like it wants to pour down any moment. Rain can be a bit unpredictable, and overwhelming. In downtown, Charleston, SC the rain can flood some streets, making them difficult to impossible to pass. Even some sidewalks are horrible to get by. So time in the city with rain storms is never fully enjoyable unless you’re in a building that’s not ground level.

I still feel sleepy, and have yet to write today. That’s fine, I like the extended cool down period. It has allowed me to “forget” what I wrote. Don’t feel fully divorced from yesterday’s output, and sometimes you can’t see the errors you make until time has passed. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write. It just means the day is busier than expected. Now I feel hungry, and a meal needs to come my way soon.

Also want to indulge my desire for sweets. I shouldn’t, but my imagination’s taken hold of my stomach. So I need to eat, and maybe I’ll get lucky and have something sweet. We shall see, no? It’ll sort itself out.

Happy creative endeavors.



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