The Dance of Revisions

Rather than worry about what I haven’t done yet, today is about focusing on what has been done. I wanted to revise a pitch for a novel. I wrote a synopsis for the novel, and it needed to be streamlined, so I revised and cut words and sentences that gave too much detail. Then I left the story alone. It needs to cool down, and frankly I needed time away from it. Why? I’ve worked too hard on it, and became slightly obsessed with the idea of making the synopsis perfect.

What I need is to “not care” enough to write what the story needs, and not censor the material. Let loos the inner fool in my brain for laughs and fun. I hate being antiseptic in my writing, but it happens when I get caught up in being right. I don’t want to be write, I want to have fun. So I’m praying I unclench and have fun. Otherwise I’ll be doing more revisions.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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