I needed to get my room clean, as it looked like a hot mess. Spent the day throwing stuff away, moving stuff out, and hanging up clothes that needed to be hanged. So not bad results. Still have to do some creative writing, but that will come soon enough. Catching a moment to chill, and to write this post.

Outside has been hot, and inside cool. Very grateful the central air could get repaired, and allowed me at least to clean in comfort. I can only imagine how sluggish I’d feel now if the air was unable to keep the house cool. Tomorrow I can vacuum the floor, and suck out all the excess dust and dirt left by the cleaning.

Found a shirt that was in the corner and dirty. Look like it had some mildew on it. Gross.  Soaked it in some water with bleach. Minced it out, and the mildew is gone. It still need a real washing, but at least I got rid of the gross mildew. Also glad to get it out of my room. I’m kinda embarrassed it was in the corner. Glad I cleaned up.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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