The Weekend

As I sit here, wanting more rest, the thing I can tell you is I plant to workshop my weekend so that I get some serious writing done. Also I’m a do some gaming too, and clean up my room. I’m a get it all done. Been waiting on this weekend for some time, and very, very hopeful stuff gets done, room looks like a person lives there, and stuff is done. This doesn’t even sit as ambitious to me, but rather like the time is right, and it feels good to me to think this way.

Hopefully on Monday, I’ll have a report of what’s been done, and can give it the necessary “cool down/rest” period. Maybe even move onto another side project while I wait for a refresh of ideas.  Been fortunate today to have some random ideas drop into my head, and was able to jot them down quickly. Didn’t have paper, so thank goodness for my Notes app.

I want this enthusiasm to carry past the weekend into the following week. Not sure where its coming from, but I could use more of it.  That might be more of the sweet tea/caffeine I devoured last night. It’s been a while since I had sweet tea, and I don’t want to overdo it. Heck, the sweet tea may have nothing to do with my boost in mood. I’ve been wanting the weekend to arrive now for some time. The schedule has been hectic, and my sleep patter was off so bad. This is coming down from finals, and overtime, along with the workshop. My desire for some me time is great, and me time is creative time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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