Don’t Speak

The blog title is not in reference to the No Doubt song, which is on my mind now, but rather on writing stuff down. I have a print journal now, and named it. More on that later, as that is a done deal. I was up early and my mind was everywhere.

The AC/central air is being repaired, thank goodness. My room is a hot box without central air, and quite frankly very, very uncomfortable to sit in, let alone lay down in without being drenched in sweat. Very unpleasant dealings, and it isn’t even summer yet. Hopefully the repairs won’t be too expensive, but I will cover it. My poor TV didn’t help the situation, as it emanated heat before it died. It’s a time at house Stacy.

Need to go to the doctor soon. So I need to find a GP to set an appointment with. This congestion needs to be eliminated from my system. So heat and congestion are not fun, and allergy meds only do so much. I’m hoping the doctor has something stronger that can get rid of this congestion once and for all.

That’s it in a nutshell. Have a good day, y’all, and happy creative endeavors.


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