Brain Trust

It’s early. I haven’t had coffee, and I’m a bit annoyed, ever so slightly. The AC gave out, and I’m convinced this is some sort of universal endurance test, because the summer is nearly upon us, and the house will be a hot box without that central air. It’s call a repair man ASAP, or feel like I’m inside of an oven. Feeling like I’m roasting is not a good blog topic.

After yesterday’s declaration, a brother needs to get his goals underway. The first start of the day is to be a better person. A better person means more creativity, still being positive and hopeful, but not accepting negativity when it arrives. So instead of saying what I can’t do, this is about what can be done, and what efforts I can put forth. Also I need to shut down naysayers and such. They try to ruin my otherwise good outlook and joy.

So I need to get on top of writing today with the hopes of putting some concrete material on paper and files. I have two pitches to write for some projects from the workshop, and collaborate with some friends. This is on my “get it done” list, so I’m positive this will get legs this week. If not, than I try harder to get better at it. I need for things to keep moving forward.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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