Calm Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been a calm day. Not that I was expecting rough seas, or something like that, but it’s been a good day to relax, and forget my woes for a time being, and to celebrate mom a little. I owe her a nicer dinner than I’m doing now, but at least it’s about making a meal, and being able to enjoy it.

Writing has purposefully cooled down for the past couple of days. This time was used to relax, forget the storm that was finals, and the campus wind down, shift changes, and generally coming down off of what felt like a roller coaster of dealings. Nothing terrible, just a lot of Irons in the fire, or so it felt. Two days of R&R is what a brother needed to feel good about himself.

For the record,  I am excited that I made it to the end of the workshop. Completion of a month long project always feels like there are ways having victories while we wait for brighter days of success. This was a positive step in the right direction. It by no means means I’m done with writing, or I can sleep on it. It just means I earned this moment to relax, and enjoy this time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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