The Weirdo

The title is an attempt at self-deprecation, however, it also has some juice to it. For a while I’ve been writing weird/Bizarro fiction, and it has been good for me. For the time of the workshop, writing has been fun, silly, and a great exchange. It allowed me to remember that writing is fun, and not always so bogged down in minute details. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have research, and rewrite, but that first jump into the fray is improvised, fun, and I love it.

To add to the overall goodness of the weirdness, I liked sharing with people. I like having people laugh and entertained by fiction. It feels right to me. So if I can push myself to write more, and further in addition to the lessons the workshop taught me, I think I’ll be ok. So this is the new path I’m working towards. I sort of have fresh eyes to look back at scripts and inject some new life into the material, as opposed to struggling with the material.

So, as the resident weirdo, I have fun, and not so weird at all. I do, however write about weird things, in an entertaining way. I refuse to not have fun doing something I love to do. Needless to say, time well spent, and learning new things is always good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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