The Proposal AKA Final Form

The culmination of this workshop is putting together a proposal for a novel. Let me tell you, I have had many false starts. I’m taking a quick break to blog. Why blog? I need to keep up with my blog, and why not tell the story of my progress? For the record, I am frazzled, nervous and a bit of a hot mess with ideas that I need to take the time to revise, and make into a one or two page pitch.

I’m nervous because I started with one direction, but it did not satisfy me in the least, and needed to be rewritten for clarity. So I’ve spend more time trying to make this project sing, then share with my group. I’m glad I didn’t wait until the last moment to start this thing. It didn’t help that in my personal background finals was all around me, and I had some weird “what is this” moments, which is typical of the chaos that follows me.

What has calmed me down is the fact that I have been plugging away at something that’s important to me, and I hope to get this thing done and submitted in a timely manner. I also hope that I at least like what I’ve presented because I want people to read this, be entertained, and offer me feedback. It’s quite the journey.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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