I’m a bit annoyed, but I’m also tired. This means I’m sleepy as all get out, but some writing needs to get done. At the very least I’ll do the minimum, get some sleep, and be good. Family is trying to distract me, which isn’t helping my ability to focus to write.

The weather has been nice, the house warm, my television died, and fixing it may cost more than a new television. It seems a lot of things have been breaking down, which has annoyed me to no end.

Still working, and the place has been busy, Super busy, however people need service, and I’m here to assist in the best way possible. It’s not bad, but my poor body feels like it needs more rest. Last week was a six-day weekend, so I’m hoping that this five-day week won’t allow me a breather.

Still writing. Another workshop assignment due, and that needs to be worked upon, and I will have that done soon. I feel so busy, and need to slow down.


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