An Opening

So, the night before I needed an opening to get my short story ready for the workshop. For most of the day I contemplated whether to write on an existing character, or a new one. I felt like the choice was the most agonizing of the pair. Finally, late, late night before bed, my mind was like on the new character.

So I wrote out a few pages of an exchange with the new characters and story. The goal for the workshop was to focus on the dialog. The dialog carried the bulk of the story, and was to show conflict, otherwise it was just chatting. So I got several pages last night, and new I’d have to touch them up the following day.

The good thing was that I was able to get an ending, that I felt was too raw. I was able to revise, and add a few details, and make sure the formatting worked. Again I used the Notes app, however, I used it on the laptop just in case I needed to work on the story on the go. I could make changes from what’s left of my old iPhone.

I am happy with the results, so it was good to get stuff done like a champ, and submit the material for feedback. I like the way this workshop has forced me to write more on a consistent basis. This has been worth my time, even though I kinda worried over what to submit. This only reminds me to push myself harder to achieve goals and resolutions to issues.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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